A big Thank You to everyone who came out to see Falling Apart for it's official premiere at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak on June 15th 2005.

All of us here at Scape Films were amazed with the turn out. Our numbers aren't officially in yet but we nearly (if not did) sold out the theatre. There were 176 seats and everyone we talked to that was there said they couldn't see an empty seat in sight.

The theatre was filled with a lot of energy and people were in an overall happy mood. Very glad to see that. It was a fun movie to make and a fun movie to premiere. Lets hope the same energy carries over into the DVD release.

This was our first feature so it's wonderful everything turned out so great. Once again Thank You to everyone. DVD's will be availabe soon. Stay tuned.

We will also be posting up pictures of the premiere on this page. If anyone has digital photos of the premiere they would like us to add to the site please send them to casting(at)scapefilms.com. The more the better so please send them.